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What is it?
Designing the product is the only start of the journey. Once it has been delivered to the development team, the designer carefully does the layout review to make sure it meets the design
01 Design handoff
The development starts once the design is delivered to the team on a kick-off call. It is crucial to ask specifying questions, understand elements' behavior and adopt the design vision
02 process setup
we decide how often and when we'll do a design review and how we should share the comments more conveniently. Also, keeping the dev team's timeline is essential to take extra time to fix design inconsistencies
03 Communication
we will do a design review on staging or in a test flight and then share our comments in Notion with the screenshots and detailed description of the fix to be entirely consistent with Figma layouts
04 Support
When we share the comments during the implementation process may be relevant to some design amendments, in particular, adding some states or screens or fixing something by the dev team request
Depends on project complexity, fixes amount, and feedback format. A full review session takes up to two days