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Joe StudiosJoe Studios
Joe Studios is an NFT accelerator from Trader Joe – one of the most well-known DeFi ecosystems
Trader Joe’s has one of the best dexes on avalanche with a market capitalization of more than $57 million

Joe Studios



01 Research
2 directions of concepts
02 creative
Concept / Branding / UI / UI kit
03 adaptive
adaptive and responsive layouts
04 support
Creative development / 3D Sequence


Trader Joe’s is a big fish in the crypto industry, especially on Avalanche, considering the network’s expansion. We worked on the main platform design, and the app achieved overwhelming success after the open site. Since then, we established a strategic partnership, and keep creating new designs as the ecosystem grows
Trader Joe wants to help NFT enthusiasts by matching them with the right people, ensuring maximum attention through co-marketing, as well as providing funding – it all for a small percentage of mint sales
The Client asked us to shift away from the main app visual style and create a brand new arty concept. For landings, it is crucial to find catchy mechanics to make them outstanding and appealing, so we created 2 Concept variations to choose from
joe studio

Promo site

UI Design
We used multiple visual approaches to create the "wow effect". The first animated element is sticker patching on the main page. Another feature that creates a feeling of an endless metaverse is a continuous scroll. Once you reach the bottom of the website, you get to the main screen instead of a footer
The 3D sequence is the most memorable Landing element. When scrolling, the scene «emerges» from the Trader Joe’s mascot beard. We used a 3D sequence instead of a video to lightweight the website. Besides, the images were adapted to mobile size to achieve the smoothest transition


UI Design
In most cases, application forms have a common structure, so the design looks common and dull. We tried to incorporate the form into the layout to look organic and match the concept
The Joe Studios visual style is a combination of various approaches, colors, fonts, elements and animations. The mix we had in the result looked bold and underlined the Joe Studios’ approach to boost creators and artists